Focus on the problem

The First Step Is Identifying The Problem

Defining the problem is the first step towards solving it.  Once the problem is clear, a simple solution is usually the best solution.

Worried about fracking brine?

Instead of trying to craft complex environmental regulations, require that your town create it's own brine.

To be extra cautious, insist that the brine is made from potable water and MINED rock salt from the US, because imported salt and salt from desalination is no different from fracking brine.

You won't have to worry about "Beneficial Use" or recycling.

Worried About Your Water Treatment Plant?

There is no Oil or Gas in Connecticut.

EPA regulations prohibit fracking wastewater from being sent to ANY Publicly Owned Treatment Works.  

But to be extra safe you can prohibit your local plant from accepting out of state wastewater.

See What Others DID

Check Our Links & Files Page

We've uploaded ordinances from New York and CT which do not have the problems found in the Greenwich, Ridgefield and other town ordinances.

Compare these to the one in your town.